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We are a startup from Amchi Mumbai. We are starting from Mumbai, satisfying the need of people who read and write books.
We organize book launches at various part of the city as well.


Authors will get the helping hand to promote their books to their actual target


Readers will get the best recommendations for books to read.


With SipNRead you can find people who are
interested in reading with you.


Book promotion and marketing is not an easy task we understand that. Hence we have brought for authors, attractable packages wherein SipNRead team would help them to promote their work. For readers we have reading planner, meetups, book exchange and yet evolving cool ideas.


We provide the best reads for you based on your taste.


you can share your books and your reading experiences with people.


while we handle the tough part, authors can concentrate on their writings.

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Neelesh Vishwakarma
Passionate about new things and love to code. Developer by profession and programmer by nature.
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Sharad Rathore

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Author's Live Exchange - Olivier Lafont

Olivier Lafont, we all know him as Suhas Tandon, the Kareena's Fiance in 3 Idiots and Father Samuel in Guzaarish. We have seen him in various commercials as well. But who is Olivier Lafont?

26 Mar, 2016
Just Another Night

I delve into the abyss of our forsaken memories. I walk down the path alone where, once upon a summer evening, we had walked together, hand in hand, our souls entwined.

23 Mar, 2016
Shurpnakha - The failed enchantment

Every story has characters those are compact, yet power-packed enough to turnaround the whole plot. In Ramayan, Shurpnakha was one such character; in a way she was the invisible catalyst to the legend. You won't have seen her lasting more than two or three episodes, still she is remembered for her trickery. Now you might be thinking what's so special about her, why need to discuss her. Lets try to know more of her:

18 Mar, 2016
The Divine of Ramchandra

I use to get a lot of queries while having a discussion about Ramayan with my friends and peers. The yearn they display pleases me; it shows that our generation believes in our legendary history, it’s just that they are not acquainted well. Among those queries, most of them are about Shri Ram. Whether he was the incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu as it is told, if he actually was a God then why he needed others’ help in his various endeavors. Why he had to kill Bali in hiding, after all he was ‘the God’, why did he kill a ‘shudra’ ascetic and many more.

09 Mar, 2016