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Author's Live Exchange - Olivier Lafont

... Olivier Lafont, we all know him as Suhas Tandon, the Kareena's Fiance in 3 Idiots and Father Samuel in Guzaarish. We have seen him in various commercials as well. But who is Olivier Lafont?

Just Another Night

... I delve into the abyss of our forsaken memories. I walk down the path alone where, once upon a summer evening, we had walked together, hand in hand, our souls entwined.

Shurpnakha - The failed enchantment

... Every story has characters those are compact, yet power-packed enough to turnaround the whole plot. In Ramayan, Shurpnakha was one such character; in a way she was the invisible catalyst to the legend. You won't have seen her lasting more than two or three episodes, still she is remembered for her trickery. Now you might be thinking what's so special about her, why need to discuss her. Lets try to know more of her:

The Divine of Ramchandra

... I use to get a lot of queries while having a discussion about Ramayan with my friends and peers. The yearn they display pleases me; it shows that our generation believes in our legendary history, it’s just that they are not acquainted well. Among those queries, most of them are about Shri Ram. Whether he was the incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu as it is told, if he actually was a God then why he needed others’ help in his various endeavors. Why he had to kill Bali in hiding, after all he was ‘the God’, why did he kill a ‘shudra’ ascetic and many more.

Getting Married

... "I don't want to get married. " I blurted out. I tried to study his expression. I was scared that he might disclose about our conversation to my parents. And all the hell will break lose at home. But I had to take this risk. Of confiding in him and hoping that he would help me get out of the mess.

The Call

... She had been checking her mail box every now and then since morning. Sensing her restlessness, her mother had already asked her a few times.


... Whenever we picture Shri Ram in our mind; a soft, innocent and generous replica of him is what we portrait mostly. The alluring smile, that mesmerizes your heart and lets you forget all your worries. No one can imagine him in a facade being irate or callous. But, such image has drawn some conjectures or rather conclusions among a class who allege him as a meager prince who at every stage of his endeavors sought other’s support, for example the vanars to defeat Raavarn. According to them Ram lacked the strength to confront the powerful beings viz. Bali whome he killed in hiding. Okay, let’s see:

Story of a Girl - I Married a Stranger

... I was on the bed, feeling terrified. I opened my diary and wrote, 'I married a stranger' and quickly hid it under the bed. My whole body was shaking.

All About Neil D'Silva

... After a lot of postponements, we finally were able to sit down with Neil D’Silva also known as “The Global Storyteller from India” for this talk. I am not exaggerating when I say that his face was as cheerful and radiant at 10 in the night as it was when I saw him for the first time at the launch of Maya’s New Husband. Living in a cozy apartment in Malad with his beautiful wife Anita D'Silva and two adorable children, Gilmore and Felicia, he seemed very delighted to talk about his bestseller Maya’s New Husband and his new works. The talk extended for more than two hours where we tried to find out as much as possible. He is a man who never sleeps. Most of the time, his mind is running with his writing and coaching and several extra activities which he loves to carry out.

SIPNREAD REVIEW - Voices of the Silent Creek

Living as a girl in India is full of compromises, judgements and scrutiny on each and every move, irrespective whether you live in a city or a village. Yeah yeah, city girls get a lot of opportunities but that doesn’t forgive them from the scanning eyes of the urban vultures. To quote an example, I have been lashed out myself as “Tum ladki ho tumhare paas dimag nahi hai” from a 21st century man.

Talk with Adite Banerjie

FWBA and SipNRead had the opprotunity to interview Adite Banerjie (Mills and Boon author). She has written two romantic novels The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal(2003)and  Trouble Has a New Name(2004). She turned Harlequin author after winning the 2012 Passions Aspiring Authors Contest. She is also a screenplay-writer.

SipNRead Review - It Doesn't Hurt To Be Nice

... I must say Ameesha Sethi did a good job with this philosophical work even though her background is one of management, but as you must know, knowledge comes from experiences and not just education and this is one hell of an example.

BOW Interview of Sundari Venkatraman

It was one hell of a Friday. It seemed that everyone could relate to the "The Madras Affair", whatever the reasons may be. The Chennaites were the most excited ones. As soon as the online interview started, the wall of questions was flooded by readers and authors. Lucky for us, Sundari Venkatraman was able to take some time out from her day to give us a life-time opportunity to know about the backstage secrets of the being the authorof a best-seller. Read to know how this author is close to being a super-woman.

Interview of Debra Holland by Kirtida Gautam

Dr. Debra Holland is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the award-winning Montana Sky series (sweet, historical Western romance) and TheGods' Dream Trilogy (fantasy romance). 


Quote :- "The soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter."

SipNRead Review - Me Mia Multiple

This is what this book taught me and I am going to take it forward in my life…


Quote: - "Someday, you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again".

A Talk with Ketan Bhagat

After experiencing the life in all its faces, Ketan Bhagat is power packed for giving us something new back to back. After two hits, Complete/Convenient and Child/God, he is already brain storming for new ideas. "Chetan Bhagat mera bhai hai, mai kuch bhi likhu maar toh mujhe padegi hi", says the new star with as much humbleness as there could be. He cutely declares himself as a newcomer and believes in honesty and hard work. Let’s hear out what he has to say.

SipNRead Review - Written in the Star

...Anjali Kirpalini has always been with us right from the very begining. She's a very nice person and a very good author. Presenting SipNRead's very first review, in the bookreview series, the review of Written in the Stars.

Interview With Kavipriya Moorthy

Besides the rusty facebook, Kavipriya talked about her book, I DON'T WEAR A SUNCREEN” on last Thursday night. Taking help from her friends, she managed to give answers to the flood of questions arriving. Saluting her spirit, SipNRead, along with FWBA presents her interview. Embrace yourself !!

Interview Of Kirtida Gautam

SipNRead is honoured to welcome once again Mrs. Kirtida Gautam. She was interviewed by us along with FWBA on Friday, Septrmber 18th. Though a debutante, she has already created waves with her much-talked about book ‪#‎IAm16ICanRape, the first book of her Yin Yang series. The book is steeped in psychology and speaks of the sensitive issue of juvenile rapists. Kirtida is also a scriptwriter. She works primarily with Balaji Telefilms. The teleserial Jodhaa Akbar is one of her works. Here are some important highlights from the interview.

A talk with Usha Narayanan

Last Friday, when most people were busy clubbing, Sip'N'Read along with FWBA interviewed the popular author Usha Narayanan. She is the author of THE MADRAS MANGLER and her second book, PRADYUMNA: SON OF KRISHNA, is already earning rave reviews.


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