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why tears are necessary for the success

his book is to motivate an ordinary common man to come forward to fulfill his dreams. The book has a very simple language so that everyone can understand and interpret the words easily. The book indicates how tears are your true soul mate, how they are helpful at every step for a person.

This is not just a book which you have to read for time pass only. This is the damn life of you which you have to feel and correlate with your own life. This book initiates you to take steps for further writing, for speaking, to come out from yourself, from your inner guilt.

Each chapter can be read independently without any interlinked from the previous chapters. But a synchronous reading is highly appreciable and gain able for you. The book inspires you to follow your life and to make your life.

This is not the final book; this is just the beginning chapters of one’s life. You have to make it complete, finalize it
08-06-2015 12:33     Mumbai     Posted by vishal gupta




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