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Never Say Never

This book is the story of Nikita Kumar’s life. She is twenty-five years old, doesn't have a job, does not have any real love in her life. And it doesn't look like she has any real prospects, personally or professionally. She lives in Mumbai, with her roommate and best friend, Aziza.

Nikita is in a relationship with Deepak who irritates her. Yet, she has agreed to marry him. She is in love with her best friend’s boyfriend Raghav who is an RJ. She is confused by her feelings, and is in a conflict about what she really wants from life.

Frustrated, she makes a resolution. She lists down a few things that she will never do, on the eve of her cousin's wedding. She decides she will never consent to marry for money, she will never stay in a loveless relationship, she will never entertain feelings for an unavailable man, never doubt her own abilities, never wear velvet, and never get drunk in public.

In life though, it is wise to Never Say Never. She learns this soon enough as most of her resolutions dissolve into thin air as real life takes over. Now Nikita has to get down to the business of sorting her life out and resolving her relationships. Nikita Kumar is an engaging protagonist, with her confusion and conflicting emotions.
07-08-2015 08:57     Mumbai     Posted by Neelesh Vishwakarma




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