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Have you ever heard of any NRI who:

Ø Hasn’t washed dishes and vacuumed carpets
Ø Hasn’t missed any of his friends’/ family members’ wedding in India
Ø Doesn’t watch Indian movies, no matter how long he has been
outside India
Ø Hasn’t been to a striptease
Ø Doesn’t indulge in Indian food whenever he visits India on a vacation

Do you know any Indian who:
Ø Hasn't thought of moving out of India for a better, safer life
Ø Isn’t fed up of the scams, traffic jams, filth, noise, crowd and crime
that are part of everyday life
Ø Isn’t tired of attending endless weddings, festivals, birthdays,
farewells, parties, lunches and dinners that happen almost every
second day in India
Ø Has never envied (secretly or openly) his friend / family member
living outside India
Ø Hasn’t wondered what makes NRIs return to India

Welcome to the world of Kabir – newly married and newly arrived in
Sydney, hoping to live the glamorous and sophisticated life he has always
dreamt of. After all, a life without frantic competition, traffic jams,
queues, dirt, corruption and social obligations (read evils) can be
refreshingly convenient. Professional success, new friends, a sincere
boss… everything seems to be going just fine. But doesn’t this sound too
good to be true?

Coming straight from the horse’s mouth, Complete/ Convenient is a roller
coaster ride through emotions and experiences – as they really are and as
you imagine them to be.
08-08-2015 05:56     Mumbai     Posted by Neelesh Vishwakarma




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