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Poets Choice Vol 3

Poet’s Choice is a book series dedicated to providing a platform to poets interested in publishing their poems. It is consistently working on spreading its reach to different corners of the world. Our strength lies in our focus to just publish poetry. 

Authors Note : 
	Born of Mauritian origin, I have graduated from the University of Mauritius in 2008. I further climbed the ladder of my educational journey through the Commonwealth Scholarship awarded to me by the ICCR to enroll for my M.A degree in the Department of Studies in English at the University of Mysore, Karnataka, India. I have published my poem “Roots” in the Harvests of the New Millenium and several articles in other journals. I have also been paper presenter at departmental, national and international levels. Presently, I am pursuing my Ph.D in English under the Junior Research Fellowship for foreign national awarded by the UGC, New Delhi at the University of Mysore. 

I dedicate my each and every writing enterprise to my parents who remain the backbone of my life, without whom I would have never reached where I stand today in the world. Parents’ love is the most Divine love that we are blessed with and they are the doctors who stitch our wounds with their Divine hands! 

My collection of poetry was in the initial stage a very personal business until I discovered that I may be writing for all those who have been suffering and need to be heard. The silence shrieks in my poems! Though I indebted to many who in one way or the other have gifted me with situations to write, I owe my poetic well to JKS whose presence has been nurturing my inspiration unconsciously. But, the outburst of my poetic flair saw the day when I first landed in India in 2011. Like any creative person, I was very much influenced by the current happenings which brought about a sea change in my life on manifold levels. I write about fragmented humans’ suffering especially in relationship. Love, one of the most crucial feelings that each and every one of us runs after remains a craving, an unending longing of the soul lives within and without taints. Love in all its faces and at the all corners of our petty human life. Pestered by my own existentialist essence, my poetic vibes are also diverted towards the human existence, Death and Life. The fragmented self of a disillusioned, betrayed and hurt person can bring out the best in him or her. My poetry is the voice of your stifled silence which shrieks in the darkness of the night yet unheard. I celebrate Death, Love and all those who cannot express their feelings with words except through tears. The celebration of human failed relationship is a means for me to understand the ways of the world. Fragmentation lies at each verse of my poems as I leave the space open for any audience and reader to fill in the gap according to their own conditions: emotional, psychological, family, social among others. I also allow my readership and audience to identify themselves in my poems thus offering a voice to all those who suppress their shattered dreams, feelings and existence. 

Poetry is my asylum offering a therapeutic essence to me and you!
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